Hi, I’m Brent Taylor and I help couples build & enrich their relationships. Your spouse, children, and family are the most important part of your life… and they are worth giving your all!

Hiz & Herz Greatest Need (6 min)

Hiz & Herz Greatest Need with Testimony (2 min)

Testimony Hiz & Herz Greatest Need (6 min)


My Book

Hiz & Herz – Greatest Need


“Insightful and unique. From the heart, Brent simply shows the greatest need of man and woman with proven ways to build stronger relationships and happier families. I enjoyed this book very much. I recommend it.”

Dr. Gary Chapman (The 5 Love Languages).

Available in paperback and ebook!

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Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Heal the hurts of your past.

Renew your thinking, and live the love you have hoped for.

Feel hope for your future.

Hiz & Herz | Calgary, Alberta Marriage & Relationship Coaching


At Hiz and Herz, you will receive coaching that helps you in three key areas: Understanding, Communication, and Giving. Learn about our greatest need – and the single biggest reason that marriages break down.

Hiz & Herz | Calgary, Alberta Marriage & Relationship Coaching

Connect Classes

Know yourself – and know the one you love. Build the bridges you both need. Connect Classes will help you gain insight into what makes you and your mate tick.

Hiz & Herz | Calgary, Alberta Marriage & Relationship Coaching

One on One Coaching

Learn to appreciate your partner’s love language, personality, gender, upbringing, values, and beliefs. You become what you practice – One on One Coaching will guide you into a deeper understanding and greater connection.

We feel so much stronger and happier together since working with Brent. He’s very insightful, always provides actionable advice, and most importantly – he really believes in us & our relationship.

Hiz & Herz | Calgary, Alberta Marriage & Relationship Coaching

Marriage Preparation


Restoring Your Marriage

Enriching Your Marriage

Hiz & Herz | Calgary, Alberta Marriage & Relationship Coaching

We're completers, not competers - the greatest team.

The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. It’s greener where you water it.

My deepest hope and strongest passion are sharing things about marriage and relationships that are not widely known. It’s been thirty years, three children, two marriages, losing my fifty million dollar company, and a lot of heartache – but I’ve cracked the mystery. I’ve discovered our greatest need and the single biggest reason why marriages break down.

I now know what we need to STOP doing and what we need to START doing to build a strong marriage and relationship.

I have shared my discoveries with over 5,000 men and women of all ages. Each person and couple has found that this discovery of Hiz and Herz Greatest Need to be true.

We need to really understand how important and wonderful our relationships are, to cherish one another. I want you to have more joy, more peace, and more gratitude.

If you’ve tried counselling and found little change, I encourage you to contact me. The journey to healing your marriage takes strength and dedication, but you truly can have the marriage you dreamed of.

Roses grow better, through the manure… together.

Hiz & Herz | Calgary, Alberta Marriage & Relationship Coaching

Calgary, Alberta
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