One of the most important and foundational pieces to building up your relationship is a heart and mind that truly wants to love. Often our hearts and minds are focused on being loved – getting what we want, versus giving the ones we love what they need.


At Hiz and Herz, you will receive coaching that helps you in three key areas: Understanding, Communication, and Giving. Learn about our greatest need – and the single biggest reason that marriages break down.




Connect Classes

Know yourself – and know the one you love. Build the bridges you both need. Connect Classes will help you gain insight into what makes you and your mate tick.

Personality & Languages

Upbringing, Values, & Beliefs

Communication & Safe Talk

One on One / Small Group Coaching

Learn to appreciate your partner’s love language, personality, gender, upbringing, values, and beliefs. You become what you practice – Hiz & Herz offers personal coaching for the couple & small groups, to guide you into a deeper understanding and greater connection.

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