Rekindle the love in your relationship with these small group workshops. Whether you’re looking to breathe life into a stale relationship or you’re still in the honeymoon phase, Connect Classes will infuse your life with love, respect, and unity.

Connect Classes are for you if…

  • you’ve been together for a while and want to reconnect with your partner
  • you argue over silly things and wish you had control over the runaway emotions
  • you’re on your second marriage and want to “do it right”
  • your relationship is missing its spark and you feel like you’re drifting apart
  • you’d like your marriage to be healthier, more intimate, and something else

These are small group workshops for couples. They’re open, safe, and intimate. Attending these sessions in groups is very helpful and allows couples to know that they’re not alone in their challenges, or in their hope!

I’m here to help couples who are ready to say yes to…

  • communicating their frustrations & desires to one another, while keeping the peace
  • getting down to the root of their problems and learning how to dissolve them
  • creating a safe space in your relationship so that there’s room for passion, love, respect, and unity
3 Classes (3 hours each, for a total of 9 hours):
$300/all three/couple
7 Classes (3 hours each, for a total of 21 hours):
$570/all three/couple

I wish I took this course 30 years ago. It was incredibly powerful – when we did the appreciation exercise, we held hands & looked each other in the eyes, and I realized that I didn’t appreciate everything that my husband has done for me and my family. Now we’re trying to do it more often, and we recommend this course to all marriages. No matter how many years you have, this will help you in different ways, just like it helped us. This was an answered prayer from God! (Brigitte)

Learn to appreciate your partner’s love language, personality, gender, upbringing, values, and beliefs. You become what you practice – Hiz & Herz offers personal coaching for the couple & small groups, to guide you into a deeper understanding and greater connection.

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